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Peace of mind at home, work or travel. provides a rapid answer

to the question on everyone's lips:
Am I Covid-19 positive?

Get the answer from the comfort of your home,

with a guaranteed 48-hour turn around.

Go ahead and order your Covid-19 swab test today.

Let's keep our families, friends, colleagues and community safe...

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Covid-19 Throat & Nose [PCR] Swab Test


1. Request Test

Whenever, wherever. is committed to getting your test kit sent to you overnight. You can count on us to be professional, timely and efficient. We make sure that you are satisfied every step of the way.

2. Test Kit Arrives

Guaranteed Next Day

No long waits on the phone, travel across town or queues in the cold. Delivered to your home, neighbour's or workplace. The choice is yours.

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3. Coronavirus Throat & Nose Self-Swab

Attention to Detail

A short video takes you through the process or you can book a video chat at an agreed time to talk you through how to take your own swab.

4. Sample Despatch

Arrange Sample Pick-up is committed to getting your Covid-19 test result promptly. Just do the self-swabs about an hour before pick-up time.

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All About Us

Welcome to Covid-19 remains the biggest concern of most nations all over the world. In the UK, we hear daily about the challenges individuals, families and organisations face in getting people tested.

Our drive to innovate inspires us to think up new ways of making your life easier. To overcome the stresses of getting tested, long wait for results and enable people to return to work in good time when isolating, or confirm travel arrangements is the trailblazer.

We come from medical and non-health backgrounds with a simple plan to improve your experience: order test, take swab, send sample and get results from the comfort of your home, all within 48 hours.


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